Where is the land?
The souvenir plots are located on a quiet woodland in the historical county of Wigtownshire, Galloway, West Scotland. The surrounding area boasts many beautiful countryside and costal walks. You can find out more about the estate here

Can I buy a Title pack even if I am not Scottish?
Absolutely, our Lords and Ladies come in all nationalities and ages. You do not need to be a certain nationality in order to purchase a Title Pack. 

Can the title pack be for someone else? 
Yes, you can buy a title pack for someone else. All we need is their name. 

I would like to choose my plot number. 
Because our plot numbers are assigned immediately and sequentially we are unfortunately unable to assign specific plot numbers at this time. 

Can I call myself a Lord or Lady? 
Indeed! We set out to let anyone purchase a bit Scotland to call their own and also partake in the traditional Scots custom whereby landowners are respectfully referred to as ‘Lairds’ - the Scots for ‘Lord’, with ‘Lady’ being the female equivalent. Most jurisdictions will allow you to use your title when you choose to do so. 

Can I use the titles of Lord or Lady on my documents?
Yes, if there is an option to do so on the document, you should be able to. 

How can I download the digital certificate?
You will be emailed the personalised digital certificate within 24 hours of your order, which you may then print out and frame or display!

When will my printed certificate arrive?
We ask that our customers wait 7-14 days for their printed certificate to arrive. Your certificate will be shipped out as soon as possible. 

What are souvenir plots? 
The plots of land sold on Northern Titles are recognised and called 'souvenir plots' in Scotland, which has a long history in the region. Souvenir plots are too small for the Scottish Land Registry to register, however, we are scrupulous in maintaining our own records of our Lords and Ladies and take great care in upholding our agreements with them. 

I want to visit my plot.
Absolutely; we highly encourage our Lords and Ladies to visit their plots or bring loved ones to visit as often as they wish as the woodland in particular is in a lovely part of Scotland. However, we do ask that visitors be mindful of the fact that the land should be kept undisturbed and to always pick up after themselves after visiting so that the wildlife remains unaffected.

Can I build on my plot or leave a memento?
We have pledged to protect the area and encourage it to thrive, which includes keeping the estate free from any development and in its natural state. We ask that our prospective buyers consider this carefully when making a purchase. 

How do I get a refund if I want to cancel my order? 

We have found that many Lords and Ladies love the experience and the title packs, but we understand that it may not suit anyone. In the spirit of the novelty of this gift, we offer a straightforward, no-nonsense refund policy. You may contact us at contact@northerntitles.com to take advantage of our refund policy.

Are you Affiliated with Esteem Titles and Established Titles?

Yes, Northern Titles is proud to support Esteem Titles and Established Titles. We share our Estate in the historical county of Wigtownshire, Galloway with Established Titles and Esteem Titles - all plots assigned are always unique.

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