Northern Titles - Wigtownshire, West Scotland

A breathtaking and rugged landscape surrounds our estate on the Machars - a quiet peninsula in Galloway, West Scotland. Located in the historical county of Wigtownshire, the area is known for its undulating coastline and vibrant forests. The estate is itself a lovely woodland, mostly made up of trees such as ash and oak that have been left to grow, thrive and provide plenty of coverage. Pastures stretch as far as the eye can see on one side and on clear days there is a breathtaking view of the hills of Carsluith from across the bay. 

If you plan on visiting you may wish to know that the surrounding area boasts coastal walks and ancient sites a plenty. An ancient Scottish Kingdom in early centuries, Galloway is full of interesting sites including the Torhousekie Stone Circle and the Cairnholy chambered cairn. Scotland's famous book town, Wigtown, is a short 8 minute drive away. 

We encourage our Lords and Ladies to visit their plots at their own convenience and schedule. Under Scotland's "freedom to roam" customs, private land can be kept open to public access for all to enjoy the natural beauty of the area. We do ask, however, that any visitors leave the woodland just as they found it so as not to disturb the wildlife and trees in the area. 

You can find our land on Google Maps here


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